10th Age Downloads

This collection of links represents the publicly available 10th Age products for download.

The Boxed Set

This is the incomplete, text-only section of the downloads page where you will discover the Atlas of Arunia Ecumenia, the Cults and Temples of Arunia, and other such delicacies. Please, come and enjoy them. Leave feedback. Draw some art to accompany them. Deface them, destroy them, mock them in the public forum: do with them what you will!

Other Sourcebooks and Free Adventures

The Guide to the Imperial City

Sordid Stories from the Mother City, a 10th Age adventure

Pregenerated Character: Martin Briarthorn
Pregenerated Character: Olivia Vaulx
Pregenerated Character: Divine Tarrus Lebrun
Pregenerated Character: Varosanen Pimea

10th Age books on Lulu


  1. Can't open files, Internet Explorer keeps screwing up. You need to check them for errors. All files just to be sure.

    1. They all look fine to me when I open them in Chrome. Not sure what the error is!

    2. That, my good friend, is because IE is crap. Simply so.

  2. THANKS for making this mate. IT's the ONLY 2nd ed. D&D pdf I managed to find with fillable forms; it really is a life saver! :D :)

    1. Absolutely. I suffered through that pain for so long, I figured I'd try to alleviate it myself!